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About Our Class

The Cal Poly Pomona Communication Department Event Planning Class works hard to create meaningful events. The purpose of Event Planning (COM 4446) is to introduce students to the meetings, events and conventions industry and to provide them with the tools necessary to succeed as an event planner.

Behind each event there are 24 students whom become five committees with chairs, and 2 event coordinators. With help from our professor, we work collaboratively and diligently to create purpose driven, successful events.

Students learn about the logistics of special events planning through both academic instruction and a “learn-by-doing” education in the planning, production and execution of a major event.

The Speakers and Program committee plans and creates the schedule for our event. They also contact and book our guest speakers.

The Hospitality committee plans, organizes and executes the theme, décor, giveaways and speaker gifts.

The Operations and Technology committee ensures all equipment is available and virtual platforms are functioning properly. They also set up registration and establish a work schedule for the event.

The Publicity and Website committee advertises and publicizes the event through social media tactics. In addition, this committee creates our website. 

The Budgeting and Fundraising committee monitors committee budgets, funds and provides fundraising opportunities.

Lastly, our event coordinators use their leadership skills to oversee all five committees through the planning process. They ensures tasks are completed with full potential and in a timely, professional manner. 

The Event Planning Class from the Communication Department at Cal Poly Pomona hopes to not only create remarkable events, but also to leave legacies for future students.

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