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Meet the Team

Speakers & Programs


Our main objective is to bring relevant speakers to provide knowledge in our four main emphasis: Interpersonal, PR, Multimedia Journalism, and Organizational communication. Our team is responsible to provide adequate speakers that can give insight in their future careers, in addition to creating and designing our event’s program.


Our goal is to ensure communication majors leave this event feeling more secure about their future endeavors and more confidence in pursuing their emphasis in communication


Our main objective is to plan, organize, and coordinate all aspects related to the theme, decorations, gifts, and giveaways related to the event. This team is responsible for the looks of the event, and creating an enjoyable experience for all who attend!


Our goal is to ensure students feel like they are a part of the CPP community, even if we are meeting for the first time.


Operations & Tech


Our purpose is to ensure that the event is organized and managed in a professional manner and that the program runs smoothly on the day of the event.


Our goal is to make the program easier and more efficient for our class, speakers and guests

Publicity & Website

Our team's objective is to advertise about COM Day 2022 and our fundraising events on campus and online. The team is responsible for designing the event logo and slogan, creating content, and managing the Instagram page and website.

Our goal for COM Day 2022 is to promote the event and encourage students to register and attend.


Budget & Fundraising

IMG_8547 edit_edited.jpg

Our team has been working hard on setting up fundraisers in order to raise money for this event and the Legacy Scholarship.

Our goal for COM Day 2022 is to ensure that the event is funded so that we can provide a great experience for those who attend!

Event Coordinator

My name is Naomi, I serve in the role of coordinator! My job is to oversee all committees, send approvals, manage deadlines and ensure all steps of the planning process are operating according to plan.


The goal is to facilitate teamwork in order plan a professional and cohesive event


Jen Mahlke

My job is to help guide students making critical decisions in the high pressure, challenging evironment of collaborative work and to put out any dumpster fires that may occur during our learning process.

As the instructor for the Event Planning course, my goal is for students to use their communication skills to work collaboratively as they plan a successful event.

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