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COM Day 2020

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Looking back to move forward with pamphlets from previous COM Day events

Background to Impressions and Communication Classes

Looking back to move forward, we want to share with you previous issues of the communication department’s student-led magazine, Impressions, a magazine ran by communication students that highlighted achievements throughout the academic years of 1988-2007.  


Professor Vinita Dhingra took charge of the Impression Magazines in fall 1988. In the course Titled Magazine Editing and Production, students were assigned editorial and staff positions to produce written and art content. The magazine was distributed to students and alumni. 


“Impressions magazine was very well received and appreciated by the students, faculty, alumni and administrators. It made all our efforts worthwhile” said Dhingra. 


Dhingra’s last issue was produced in 1991. In 1996, the department ended funding for the magazine’s publication. Therefore, the course was restructured to focus on writing for magazines and renamed it Magazine Journalism. 


Here are preselected covers of Impressions.

Guess Who:

Professor Edition

Victoria Key

Melanie Davis

Jason Turcotte

Sunny Lie

Mark Generous

Jane Ballinger

Jennifer Mahlke

Rebecca Mills

Lorena Turner

Sid Robinson

Mariusz Ozminkowski

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