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Meet the Team


Meet our Event Co-Coordinators! Thomas Holmes and Saudi Medina-Celis oversee all five of the committees, manage deadlines and ensure all tasks are completed well and in a timely manner to keep us on track for a successful event. 

Meet our Operations and Technology Team! In this committee we have Rommel Alcantara, Esther Espinoza, Alex Martinez, Juan Zambrano Santana, CJ Walker and Will Williams. They ensure that our event is organized and runs as smoothly as possible.


Meet our Hospitality Team! In this committee we have Xandra Garcia, Andrea Hernandez, Aisha Lakhani, Kenya Ortiz, Nikko Rivera, Brianna Romero and Natalie Stoesser. They organize all of our events decorations, food, and gifts to make sure our event looks beautiful!

Meet our Publicity and Website Team! In this committee we have Aryana Carino, Bryan Huerta, Gabriel Rios and Arleth Rodriguez. They manage the website and social sites, create content, and design our logo to advertise our event.


Meet our Speakers and Programs Team! In this committee we have Joel Borres, Jovanny Ronces, Angelique Russell, Alexandira Tapia and Taylor Uster. They book all of our speakers and create our event program and determine our schedule for the day of the event.

Meet our Budget and Fundraising Team! In this committee we have Jada Bunnell, Dennis Calderon, Drew D’Ambra, Katelyn Simonen and Kirsten Zesati. They monitor committee budgets, funds and provide fundraising opportunities to raise money for our event.

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