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Meet the Teams.

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Speaker & Programs

As a committee, we are in charge of finding and booking the speakers and entertainment for the event. In addition, we plan out how the event will run, create the program with specific times frames and finalize the flow for the entire event. It is our job to keep track of the time, and ensure that the event is running smoothly.


As the hospitality committee, we are responsible for the theme, décor, giveaways and gifts. We have developed the color scheme with fonts and even specifically designed a logo for our event that is included on the posters. Our main goal in this committee is to create an organized, creative and fun event. On November 4th, we hope to brighten your day and continue the connection and appreciation for our Cal Poly Pomona Alumni.

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Our Committee’s focus is on the logistics of the event planning process. We are the backbone of the event as we provide all other committees with resources and make sure all of the facilities are ready and the equipment needed is available for the night of the event. In this virtual event, we are responsible for monitoring the Zoom participants  and handling any technical difficulties in this virtual event. 

Publicity & Website 

The PubWeb committee is responsible for maintaining our social media platforms and website. We craft graphics and captions and engage with our audience to get everyone excited for HomeCOMing!

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Game Designers 

The game designers are dedicated to making this virtual game as interactive as possible and it is filled with twists and turns. We handle the game logistics / operations / visuals / puns through Google Slides.

Budget and Fundraising 

The Budget and fundraising team is in charge of keeping track of all donations and creating fundraisers to help support the alumni night event and fund the Legacy Scholarship!

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 COCO, aka, "The Boss"

As a Coco, I utilize my leadership skillset to oversee all the committees navigate the planning process. It’s my job to ensure tasks are completed in an objective, purposeful and timely manner, and am a source of support whenever any member of the SHOPE$ needs assistance.

Professor Gen Mahlke

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